Puma is celebrating the professional NBA
  • SeormdSeormd September 2017
    Puma is putting out an interesting Basket 68 out with an upper featuring a stitch pattern. With most the upper in black leather, the square stitches give the sneaker some extra definition from the basic smooth leather. The laces are also interesting which are styled like a very thick thread. The puma heart soldes is a timeless basketball classic from the early 1970’s. 

    The chaussure puma femme solde might not be as famous as its similar siblings the Clyde and Suede, but there’s little doubt these are the best fit for this pack. The Puma Easter Basket is a play on words that translates well to the lowtop silhouette. We get a pair each in black or white. The white joints have silver and tonal blue accents, while the black ones feature an icey greenish-blue and deep purple. 

    basket puma homme solde has gotten together with Vaughn Bode to create a new makeup of their classic Basket sneaker. The collaboration will be available in two colors, White/White and Black/Black, both are scheduled to release in May of this year. No word on the level of distribution and what Puma retailers will carry these dope sneakers yet. 

    Puma is celebrating the professional NBA teams with championship rings from the 1970s with a pack of three puma roma femme. The three teams in this pack include Seattle, Boston and the pictured New York themed Baskets that commemorate New York’s championship in 1970. This pair is now available at Shoebiz, Karmaloop. 

    puma suede homme solde who has been making a good amount of noise in the sneaker community as of late with it’s collaborations with ALIFE, YO! MTV Raps, and Bodega, has just released it’s Classic Basket 68 Comic Print shoe in both White and Black colorways. The shoes are a classic Puma silhouette and the print on the outside and inside of the shoes is inspired by comic book illustrations from the 1970’s.

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