Multi-function Color Sorter SQ-R Series
  • SebahtstianSebahtstian September 14

    1.Global initiative cloud technology camera can deeply recognize tiny
    spot, light yellow and some other impurities that normal color sorter
    cannot recognize. It shows perfect HD scanning, accurate identificaiton
    and high computing.   

    2.Global initiative operation by clicking one button realizes fully automatic sorting without need of professional.

    internet of things technology adopted initiatively all over the world
    enable to operate and monitor machine on line as well as service machine
    on line by manufacturer.

    4. Global initiative cloud image capture and processing and spectrum analysis technologies are adopted.

    international top-level cloud processing system with incomparable
    arithmetic capability and perfect program design create a new era of
    large data.

    6.The material sorting can be captured dynamically at
    very high speed as well as analyzed and showed. It realizes truly

    7.Intelligent high-frequency solenoid valve with high
    sorting accuracy, ultra-low air consumption and high switching
    frequency realizes optimized carryover ratio. It’s perfect self-recovery
    system ensures low maintenance cost and long lifetime over 10 billion

    8.The high performance LED optical system design and light
    control technology ensure maintainance free and reduce 35% of energy

    9.The global leading infrared technology can easily recognize impurities like glass, stone,etc.(optical)

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