• buzai232buzai232 October 2017
    Many times, it has happened that the characters and their features mismatch each other. buy mt is one of the parts that we hate as we are expecting differently from the player we choose and what we get is different. Therefore, we feel that the developers need to make sure that the character and their functions match. This will make the entire experience better, and we will be able to enjoy more. 

    This has been missing in NBA 2k17, but we hope that it will be included in the next version of the game. We feel that it is a fairly reasonable demand as it allows us to get to know our character better and proceed accordingly. 

    An example of this includes a character that is heavier in weight overpowering the opponent who is lighter. Likewise, a player who is shorter should be quicker than a taller person. This feature would allow gamers to draw up their own character. When we choose someone for NBA 2k18 My Career, we hope that the character is the sort that somehow reflects us or how we would like to be if we were playing in the arena. When we have archetypes, we will be able to insert talents into our character after choosing the one we like. 

    This will make him different from the other players as we will have the ability to separate the rating of his talents. It will also give each player an edge over one other which we can discover over time, making the game all the more interesting.Buy Now

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