sage even if state the force of Gao
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    small friend laugh."The Xuan is martial tiny tiny on smiling, work
    properly an absolute being needle from the inborn loose up take off nine
    loose fruits, way:"This thing has been useless to me, it is a rightness
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    of small friends to do a lot of good to pour, seem inside my view's
    small friend body be sealed to print huge strength, these nine sword
    pills can take orally to become a sword foetus, can help you to break
    through to print, also the ability chain becomes magic weapon, become
    set fiesta chain effect no longer the inborn work properly a treasure
    under, alone fiesta chain Wei can also at general inborn magic weapon
    on, however with the celestial spirits soldier in your body bite a soul
    to compare with to a margin still pretty big."

    "Seal to print?Does the Brice Butler Authentic Jersey
    celestial spirits soldier bite a soul?"Xu Tian is just sincere at this
    time of did obeisance a to do obeisance to the Xuan force, way:"Still
    hope Xuan force elder generation to teach me."

    The achievement of Xu Tian's previous incarnation is how of Gao, don't
    see him don't put at ordinary times what shelf, can the heart heart
    annoy pretty much, easily can't admire greatly other people and know Byron Jones Authentic Jersey
    even if the previous incarnation this present life Calais truely
    practices moral teachings of time connect Xuan force this kind of born
    absolute being monster hundred million that practiced moral teachings
    numerous exergues divides of an all have no, pour also submit gladly of

    The long years sees know more wide Xuan martial nature to care these,
    just ha ha say with smile:"Have me the breathing of the old friend green
    dragon inside your body, my view three boundary six Long Zu Cedric Thornton Authentic Jersey
    the dint of green dragon in the blood have already thoroughly faded
    away, even Long Zu that old Zu dragon and it nine sons green blood
    dragon also deteriorate almost exhausted, I once warned him in those
    early years, don't the blood in the body dispersion, can he stubbornly
    not listens to and accomplishes Long Zu, lead of Vinaceous Rosefinch
    disaffection, divide a Phoenix one clan, cause Hong Huang's greatly
    robbing occurrence for the first time, they all forget we the mission of
    four elephant absolute being monster oneselfs, wants to multiply
    greatly progeny to compete for hegemony Hong Huang, result double the
    double withers, Vinaceous Rosefinch O.K. as long as have fire to knot
    one silk Vinaceous Rosefinch it work properly and then can display to
    bathe big magical power of fire rebirth from new resurrection, can also
    soundly asleep numerous exergues just resurrection, the freshman's
    Vinaceous Rosefinch is no longer original that Vinaceous Rosefinch, just
    a little Vinaceous Rosefinch, Charles Haley Authentic Jersey
    may may own the real strenght that the beginning goes into quasi-
    saint, if not that controling the dint of one square big world origin,
    early be grasped fiesta chain become magic weapon, sad and regrettable

    "?"Xu Tian thoughts of the first-time dragon Feng of Hong Huang greatly
    robs unexpectedly is thus come, this etc. Mi to smell perhaps to also
    spreads just in four elephant absolute being monster inner parts, even
    female Wa the big absolute being etc. none of sage to know these are
    hidden, after all Long Feng greatly robs the sage haven't been born,
    only the fairy or soly fixs for, but Long Feng Er's clan in that time
    young the body have nine days, fixing of Xuan fairy for, the maturity
    expects to then own big Luo fixing of gold fairy for, as it does can be
    being just hated by God's way, finally be inhibitted blood natural
    endowments degeneration, the fairy absolute being being afterwards grown
    gradually is evil demon slavery, don't reply the ancient grand

    "Idea spirit it contend for barf city, the green dragon, Vinaceous
    Rosefinch is us four the elephant absolute being real strenght in
    monster is the strongest, be partial to living and put together dint to
    really decline to conceive posterity.Result the descendant none of
    posterity fight to excel, each height that attain them, after greatly
    robbing expect green Vinaceous Rosefinch dragon return this life stars
    seven night move to

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