waiting whole campses to all go ashore
  • jlsalh21jlsalh21 October 2017
    feeling 12 battlefields say:"Is a Xiang a help wrong, in Wang Long after
    rate department goes up, a lot of soldiers don't listen to order, the
    north ocean storms some people withdraw without authorization and Julio Jones Authentic Jersey
    make the bear grasp a Kun department loss miserably heavy, gold
    trillion comrade dragon for the sake of steady live battlefield to take
    department to north the ocean launch bayonet fighting and also
    "The Ma is virtuous!These Hunan guys are really unreliable!No wonder
    that Yang Qiu is going to make a long sand!"Scold what to open is Du
    mansions all adviser Yang Kai Jia, he is before eight old military
    officers in the town, also allow staff officer department staff officer,
    because the one matter of Zhang Jing Zi You Xi Liang is all been
    resolute by Yang Qiu and ask a troops and throws Justin Tucker Authentic Jersey
    the Du mansion have carefree rice and have no power and have no a
    soldier early is full belly fury, hear old troops for wiping bottom Sun
    soldier and folding for Hunan guy will, all of the tenseness be hanged
    up, shout a way a while:"All Du, let me go to a front, Lao Tze not the
    letter can not hold up against north ocean!"
    This time everyone who dare to let unidentified old eight military
    officers in the towns of these enemieseses come forward line, so Sung
    teaches Ren have never taken to manage them, continue to ask a way:"What
    about Yang Qiu?Is he over there?Not is say that the navy was anyway?"
    Reside is saying:"After Larry Fitzgerald Authentic Jersey
    Ping Hua divides a soldier just, Yang Qiu has already led troops to go
    to city mountain to block up a piece in person, navy there we contact
    not up, only Yang Qiu's person can respectfully fix to say words with,
    but want navy to keep neutral before hearing that ice in the Sa town
    leaves!Escape a beginning, there is a matter not so good, the gram is
    strong to seem some problems, hear hasn't eaten for a days and one
    nights, also issue order to moderate a few Hunan military officers of
    Wang Longs to all grasp, basic is all that Sung son is pure to be
    directing now."
    Finally this sentence, let Sung teach the heart of Ren to clenched a
    while, slowly sit to return to a chair up.Safest Xiang a help wrong
    after, Huang Ke Qiang this time can say to is to move own failed feet of
    rock, Le'Veon Bell Authentic Jersey
    if three bridges fall again, north ocean soldier Feng will keep a
    family temple Liu and big station in the Zhi door, that time their these
    people afraid of.
    Sung taught Ren to suddenly feel a kind of unprecedented frightened,
    Yang Qiu suddenly takes out to walk a main force in this turning point,
    but leaves the front side to Huang Ke Qiang, obviously guessing these
    people of oneself has to do what!He this intentionally is folding the
    party person's face!Intentionally strong in the stroke gram!For
    attaining a purpose, even don't hesitate an adventure, don't hesitate to
    take the life of thousands officers and men!
    This person's selfishness is too heavy, too terrible!
    The Li dollar Hong cans not sit idly, he persuaded at Wang An Lan
    after incident in Hunan under give up last on fighting, have already
    thoroughly died with Yang Qiu and continued to the idea of Yi, Sung
    teaches Ren and Huang Ke Qiang and is snuffed out now of lifted not and
    at first, understand Yang Qiu this skill after, party person's
    reputation and influence in two lakes by all means big Sun, withdraw to
    visit in Yangtze River have already become settled situation.Wait until
    Sichuan be taken down again, Yang Qiu's prestige by all means shakes a
    Zhe whole country, so more and firmly he not can again with the idea of
    that young man Dou,

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