person contacts all of distance in Jiangsu virtuous
  • jlsalh21jlsalh21 October 2017
    people's soldiers know that what that the real northern ocean is crack
    "Bomb Long Long."
    Under one and other hoot, the north ocean shell again comes small
    Cang mountain battlefield, the food for powder immediately retracts
    head, is covering with to endure long hardship to wait for in the
    Chen is only and far a Andrew Miller Authentic Jersey
    fourth town seven help generally and just that closely plays rain to
    make him some distressed, pulled to pull Wang Yu Jia:"Control adult, the
    circumstance is some not to, there seem not only 1 to help."
    15 marks mark all Wu Chang to plant to also feel not in the right
    and point at map to say:"The city mountain originally has the disorderly
    soldier 2 to help(trip) here, Ping Jun calls to report to say that Yang
    Qiu there took out to walk from the filial piety at least generally 3
    help, is also say that we had 5 to help, three sun towns led water in
    Ta-f we ran into two, Huai tree the Chuang is two, Andy Pettitte Authentic Jersey
    the opposite should be the last.See from the this period of time, their
    help all a disaffection plait, each one helps probably also 3,000 or
    so, can the just so strong thermodynamic power have already been no less
    than 5,000 people at least!Is coming out how can and more so many?If
    their tasks are to break off with hand us and Hankow of contact, have no
    the necessity defend with a last-ditch attempt here, and also use not
    ascend so many troopses."
    Wang Yu Jia isn't people without ability, listen to he finish saying
    back of the head bag inside suddenly a surprised, ask a way:"Your
    meaning BE."
    The analysis lets Aroldis Chapman Authentic Jersey
    oil lamp under of each face is all some uneasy, finally still the
    finger of Chen Guang Yuan at small Cang mountain position up knocked two
    times:"2's helping this troops at the words that the behind is two in
    the right side, see like this isn't to come to harass, but."
    "Ha ha want to be helped by one and then hold up Lao Tze to have fun
    to outflank and attack?The doors all have no!"Wang Yu Jia finishes
    listenning to on the contrary a Nu pole but smiles and greatly drinks a
    way:"13, 14 marks take the offensive small Cang mountain, 15, 16 marks
    immediately cloth, Ma Biao spreads out to investigate, all of three
    cannon camps pull for me up, even if is hit Austin Romine Authentic Jersey
    to also want to wreck it for me in a hour!"
    Probably is to smell uneasy, the north ocean artillery started
    delivering the crazy sort throws shell to the small Cang mountain
    battlefield, field battle works drive deep-fried broken up unbearable,
    descend the poisonous smoke of Lai explosive creation to start filling
    the air, the flame spreads between the battlefield like water flowed to
    drip more, a lot of soldiers just jumped the battlefield that caught
    fire, again drive under the foot of a hill of the northern ocean machine
    gun brigade mowed down.
    Qin Zhang Shu immediately felt not in the right and pulled staff
    officer to shout a way:"Chase all frequently miscellaneous personnels,
    guidance even all gather, let three camps temporarily withdraw down with
    them together and remain on standby for preparing a brigade."
    Military officer go to next order after, north ocean infantry the
    big brigade have already flowed out to the battlefield.They covered in
    the shell in the beginning stuffy the head was divided into 3 wave to
    assault, front of have been running, in the behind of tightly followed
    behind don't beat a gun as well, wore to have the gold line the next
    military officers of the big Yan hat to all pull out saber, hurtle on
    the front of brigade row.Wait until artillery to stop empress six heavy
    machine gun

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