The north ocean hurt
  • jlsalh21jlsalh21 October 2017
    fire to massacre.
    From big Zhi door to Liu Jia's garden, from the Xin way out arrive
    behind of old city area, closely of sandbag, various bunkers, intensive
    such as the wood's bayonet haded been extending till river's
    side.Yesterday still busyness matchlessly canvass business mansion in
    the bureau became fortress more, the abatis held up lead to my all
    truthses, the icy cold gun takes care of from each blind side Brett Anderson Authentic Jersey
    explored, long long ground the canvas played take bullet gleam cold
    "You of the minister is Hankow big Japan to halt minister, I think I
    have a necessity to remind you, man Ye Ping and our country have a
    great benefits relation, expensive soldier have to immediately withdraw
    go to to man the military control of the sun chain iron factory and
    Huang Shi's iron mine!We adopt reservation the right of military
    means!"Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi transacts the indoor, Japanese minister
    the loose village Zhen male flame of anger is overbearing, do to lose
    but be dressed in Japanese army by the side of him the officer take of
    together the rattan quarter cure Lang Mi tortoise small eye, the taste
    swallows to vomit not certain.
    Fan Liang Shan outside the Brian Duensing Authentic Jersey
    door and several ten set up frontier garrison a camp the soldier will
    send them come of Japanese large unit regiments surround, although
    everyone has no gun muzzle mutually to, all obviously nothing important
    good will.
    "Hold your mama, this helps Japanese does the small dwarf still
    think chain iron factory!That is us!"
    "Rightness!Can in no way give they, there is also mineral area, all
    of that are that we are Chinese!"A few guards that outside eavesdrops in
    the door silently whisper, the national defense soldier builds up Caleb Smith Authentic Jersey
    separate three branches five political lessons which time don't mention
    A noon, don't mention the wolf sub- greed of Japan small country, don't
    mention have still been seized up to now of south full, don't even say
    with almost zero prices from man the Ye Ping Huang Shi Gong's area dig
    to walk of iron filings, press price in the market, that is is several
    for a year must of profits!The words that buy weapon can let the
    national defense soldier from head to foot of everybody his mama is new,
    the big gun can put whole full three townses and also fear the northern
    ocean of a ball!
    Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi grips a fist, these several days, warfare
    not agreeable, master's son at a stretch killed a big Zhi door and saw
    to Hankow subjugate forthcoming, he is early full stomach fury in
    belly.Lift Jiao son of few, fall the stone in well but many, are the
    boats and ships that two Huais and Jiangxi detained to transport
    supplies first, also detain many ammunition that the smuggle buy!Hasn't Carl Edwards Jr Authentic Jersey
    this solved, this helped Japanese to incredibly and in early morning
    come to loot again and returned his mama military means!A few days ago
    national defense soldier top and bottom the vehemence is vigorous how
    you don't come?Want to come to pick up cheapness now?The doors all have
    no!Hate a way:"You of the minister, you walk wrong door, is soldier duty
    here department, is also our country defend soldier commander's
    headquarters, as for your request should go to Wu Chang but be not
    "See visitor out!"Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi is lazy to take to manage
    this to help a radish head, he is still hasty to send into ammunition
    front, so is simply to wave hand to issue order that the soldier sees
    visitor out, the early impatient guard immediately walked to come over,
    the hands have intention to not intentional put at the pistol on the
    waist u

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