this battle cannot beat and immediately
  • jlsalh21jlsalh21 October 2017
    ermodynamic power, the only soldier that let what him worried is the
    Chuan that stationed outside the city to once participate in to lay
    siege to Chengdu seventh town, although this troops be divide a lot by
    elder A.J. Cole Authentic Jersey
    brother Pao and comrades, the arms equips also not enough, there are
    still so far more than 4,000 persons wait a person in the Yin Chang Heng
    of lead under station outside the city, they will can't come to attack
    from both flanks an in the mind have no bottom, so have to work well two
    line preparations.
    The weather in Chengdu in November has been a bit cool, artillery
    camp's flicking sweat,such as rain, is scooping out artillery bunker,
    the one and other mountain cannon is pushed into battlefield, man son
    door pick a Adam Eaton Authentic Jersey
    load son a box of box of the shell send to a flank.The Su small tiger
    is also the military officer of professional training birth, if not that
    the rules of the Qing Dynasty only son not appropriate soldier, with
    his ability early the is sent in the past study in the school of this
    sergeant.So he clear, Zhao Er Feng's dead doesn't greatly carry on the
    shoulder a problem, afraid Yin Chang the Heng etc. person to cooperate,
    the words light like that is canned beat not to win by big gun, so
    arrive behind have no immediately take the offensive, but issue order
    two regiments to construct defense line, also seek to come to a great
    deal of plank and circle wood to build works, work well to beat
    preparation of war of attrition.
    "Trip long, trip long!"
    Su small tiger and Adam Lind Authentic Jersey
    beard old three inspections preparation circumstance, after death rang
    out calling of staff officer:"Trip long, bearer in Chengdu."
    "Bearer?What person?"The Su small tiger twists a head to see go, see
    a be dressed in the ex- delightfully fresh soldier soldier packs of
    military officer positive party in government he looks about, the
    eyebrows is wrinkly next, did Zhao Er Feng carry on the shoulder not to
    live to send person to make peace?
    After returning to in a Anthony Rendon Authentic Jersey
    hurry what to see for the head is shape high big, about 78 years old
    military officer, fasten Japanese saber on the waist, the appearance is
    open and dominant and extraordinary, ask a way:"You BE."
    "Yin Chang Heng in Sichuan."
    Go into after the Chuan Su small tiger always in the heed and inshore
    military administration circumstance in collection Sichuan, 62 telling
    of mark soldier and military officerses know this Yin Chang before
    passing the Heng is in Sichuan but a man of the hour, young because the
    shape is greatly high and be called "Yin eldest son", once allow Du and
    does in Guangxi after studying abroad Japan back Mr. allows and always
    teaches Xi, return to Sichuan and continue and serve as Du and do
    afterwards male and army the primary school hall always do, these year
    young one generation within Sichuan soldier is a lot of all come from he
    has much of influence in Sichuan under the door.So worry most of be his
    meeting because oneself is troops in Hubei, match Zhao Er Feng's 3,000
    border defense soldiers are from the side wing attack from both flanks
    their himself/herselfs, but have never thought just started deploying a
    somebody else kill come, respected a gift:"The small tiger once sees Yin
    eldest son."
    The Yin Chang Heng is also conjecturing a Su small tiger, aer little
    younger than oneself, although shape not Gao but very spirit, all over
    all send forth the vitality of a difficult speech, the sand that matches
    a body yellow khaki soldier packs, the riding boots wipes very
    brightly, a see very intelligent and capable.And walk to those soldi

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