Jordan Brand ends with Carmelo Anthony's signature line
  • hx201314hx201314 October 2017
    Jordans 11 Gamma Blue For Sale
    and Anthony agreed on a long-term contract extension, which continues
    to be one of the key players for the brand. Nevertheless, JB wants to
    refresh its approach to today's signature models.If anyone remembers
    what I was referring to during the AJ32 leak, when it was Melo who was
    first seen in them - then also looked at it a little incredulous,
    whether it is sure to be the latest top J'sy, or maybe it is not Melo
    M14, because such voices appeared. Anthony's models in recent years have
    been around for years, so early leaks would be a strange thing. Plus I
    saw another dependence - his M13 has almost ceased to come out in new
    colors, on the European side of Nike has long had no pair, JB did not
    particularly promote Melo himself. You can brutally say that he fell
    from the candlestick, JB began to invest in someone else.
    The New Jordans 2017
    Shoe Surgeon has recently brought about the creation of the sky, Air
    Jordan 1 x Nike Tiempo '94. This fit for the Air Jordan 1 for the design
    blueprint, the football shoes in the legendary Nike Tiempo '94's iconic
    "turn tongue" tongue and toe car line design to join them, but also in
    the tongue embellishment The Jumpman Logo. And will be sideways Swoosh
    for black grain leather material.We were showing samples of fakes, and
    today we have another package for you.Visible below is a variant of the
    GS, which is a variant of small size, so do not suggest this 100 per
    cent.The black extruded leather was complemented by a gray Elephant
    Print, which is surprisingly strong on the toebox on the front of the
    shank.I wonder if the final version will be as high.They are supposed to
    ensure that they are still important to them, but it is difficult to
    get over the impression that there is a change of guard in the JB and
    "now the youth" is supposed to play the first violin. Of course, the end
    of his signed line does not signify the end.
    adidas in the end of 2016 launched a new adidas Ultra Boost ST
    shoes, and NMD quite somewhat similar. Although there is no Boost in
    the end of the blessing, but the shoes used to wear a convenient slip-on
    design. This brings a new color "Trace Cargo", but also to echo the
    theme of the fall of olive green with black presentation, simple but not
    simple. Weaving structure is with leather side and shoelaces echo each
    other.Has been shelves designated suppliers such as Xtreme, I do not
    know this "minimalist version of NMD" can cause your attention?
    mastermind JAPAN recent action constantly, this time, once again
    together Vans launched the joint version of Mountain Edition,
    high-quality leather to create the upper, in the shoe body inside the
    metal zipper, iconic skeleton and MASTERMIND words appear in the end,
    and This pair of Mountain Edition also launched a matching baseball cap
    and sweater, the shoes will be on sale since the 13th of this month,
    interested friends may wish to act as soon as possible.

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