Brady magic rescues Patriots on day of protests
  • buzai232buzai232 November 2017

    Brady magic rescues Patriots on day of protests

    Tom Brady conjured
    a last-gasp Houdini act to save the New England Patriots in a thrilling
    win over the Houston Texans on Sunday as the Atlanta Falcons preserved
    their unbeaten record in the National Football League.

    With events off the field dominating a dramatic day that saw
    widespread player protests, Brady once again laid on a masterclass to
    throw for five touchdowns in a 36-33 victory at Gillette Stadium.

    The crowning moment of a 378-yard passing display by the 40-year-old
    Brady came with the Patriots trailing 28-33 with just over 2 minutes

    An eight-play 75-yard drive ended with Brady hitting receiver Brandin
    Cooks with a 25-yard pass into the end zone for the game-winning score.

    The nerve-jangling finale capped an extraordinary game which had seen
    sections of the Patriots crowd boo several of the team’s own players
    after they opted to kneel during the playing of the national anthem
    before kickoff.

    Brady had stood with his arms interlocked in solidarity with his teammates during the solemn anthem rendition.

    It was just one of several large protests by players across the
    league on Sunday following remarks by US President Donald Trump. Trump
    had enraged NFL stars and team owners on Friday by describing players
    who protest during the anthem as “sons of bitches” who should be fired.

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