Blaze rips through Dubai skyscraper 'The Torch'
  • buzai232buzai232 November 2017

    Panicked residents fled one of the tallest towers
    in Dubai early Friday after a fire ripped through it, the second blaze
    to hit the skyscraper in as many years. Authorities said no casualties
    were reported from the blaze which erupted in the middle to upper floors
    of The Torch, once the tallest residential development in the world.
    The tower was the scene of a 2015 inferno that caused extensive damage
    to its luxury flats and triggered an evacuation of nearby blocks in the
    Marina neighbourhood. Dubai authorities later said the fire had been put
    out. There was no immediate indication of what caused the blaze.

    Images published by Dubai Civil Defence showed The Torch after the
    flames were brought under control: lights were still on in some lower
    floors, but the middle to upper section appeared to be completely burned
    out. In January Dubai announced tougher rules to minimise fire risks
    after a series of tower blazes in the modern emirate mostly due to
    flammable material used in cladding, a covering or coating used on the
    side of the buildings. On New Year's Eve 2015 a fire broke out in a
    luxury hotel, injuring 16 people hours before a fireworks display
    nearby. In November 2015, fire engulfed three residential blocks in
    central Dubai and led to services on a metro line being suspended,
    although no one was hurt.

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