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    Today, all the procedures done at the different agencies are patterned from how the Justice Department administers on all the official reports ever since.

    At the state level, the California Courts have been compiling all the criminal cases being filed and resolved before the judiciary. There is also the California Department of Health which takes care of the business on birth and death records. California Public Records Marriage records on the other hand are maintained at the county recorder, later on, both the birth and death have become part of the county recorder?s custody with the objective to bring the information much closer to the local residents or make it more accessible for them. The divorce reports are obtainable at the clerk of court?s office as per provision of California?s Family Laws. More so, the arrest and criminal records are updated at any of the local law enforcement agencies including police, narcotics, highway patrol and other enforcing units.


    Previously, requesting parties must provide a clear description as to what type of record they are seeking for. There are three basic details which you need to supply to be able to get started. First is the name of the record, second is the subject matter and third is the location of such document. These days, a records request form is available at the local government for the residents to fill-out. This form contains all the necessary details which you need to input to be able to initiate the search. You need to fill it out completely or else your application will be denied.

    At present, the public may do the request via phone, email, facsimile or visiting the office concerned in person. However, it is highly advised that you do the walk-in application in order for you to directly ask the necessary questions in regards to the vital steps that you are required to do when ordering for a copy of a public record. On this note, an applicant is mandated to present a valid government-issued ID to serve as proof that you are a legitimate citizen in California. You must also have the right and valid reasons for conducting a check on someone?s public documents.

    The entire process could go from 6 to 10 working days before you finally get the results of the records which you have applied for. It is going to take that long but it is surely worth the wait as it is guaranteed that you are going to acquire an authentic and official report. That?s the advantage of having to possess such documents from a recognized government agency.

    However, image if you would like to try a completely different approach then it?s about time that you explore on the online method of performing the search. With this modern alternative, you only have to find a trustworthy website which offers real records services, pay for the fee and do the public records search by making a few clicks to obtain the records in no time. It is Free Public Reports indeed an efficient tool to benefit from since it can be done anytime and anywhere for as long as you have access to the Internet.

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