Rian Johnson's Star Wars Trilogy Isn't Knights in the Old Republic
  • sheliasmithsonsheliasmithson December 2017

    Director Rian Johnson is really creating an all-new story for his upcoming Star Wars trilogy.

    While J.J. Abrams is poised to close out the new Star Wars trilogy with Episode IX, the galaxy far, far away finds itself in Johnson's hands moving forward. It was recently announced that the director in the upcoming The Final Jedi is creating a new film Star Wars trilogy totally separate from the Skywalker family's multigenerational saga. But these SWTOR Credits hoping Johnson may draw inspiration from probably the most preferred Extended Universe eras will have to stick with the Old Republic's video game origins, because the director is definitively not tackling it.

    "Oh, they like Knights of the Old Republic," Johnson told Mashable during a current Final Jedi press junket. "I played that game when it 1st came out and it was like, God, I loved it. Yeah, that is a fantastic game. And I realize it, the instinct to automatically go to one thing that you simply know and adore, that you've currently noticed."

    It's an instinct that Johnson refuses to indulge, nonetheless, saying that his trilogy is going to be a thing completely new to the Star Wars canon.

    "To me, what is really fun would be the notion of what new stuff are we gonna see, what new stories can we inform?"

    Even though the Old Republic as well as the KOTOR video games are full of possible film material, it's understandable, and also encouraging that Johnson is committed to crafting a thing wholly original and not beholden to buy SWTOR Credits something from the previous. Besides, there is also that annoying little technicality that all Extended Universe material was declared apocryphal when Disney bought the rights towards the Star Wars franchise.

    Whilst his new trilogy is inside the incredibly early stages of improvement, Johnson's The Final Jedi, is fast approaching, hitting theaters on December 15.

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