this was my biggest ability
  • jlsalh21jlsalh21 December 2017
    s and 300 trucks and still made the second tractor production line at
    the same time, and promised to help a training navy submarine soldier.
    As for submarine and torpedo are finally clinched a deal with the
    price of USD 270,000 each one, Yang Qiu still makes some own requests
    and for example want to use oneself to provide of ventilate a tube, Graham Knott Women's Jersey
    the torpedo amount of tubes increases front four empresses a, also need
    to take five back up thunders, according to himself calculate, the
    displacement will attain 500 tons or so, he still requests that
    submarine and all bargains have to complete by August.
    Say towards canning build a few Germany of submarines for a month
    coming, build 6 several 100 tons of submarines to the native navy plan
    almost can't result in influence, it is a Lao boon good heart to remind
    the water soldier's problem especially to pour, suggested that he sends
    water the soldier go to German factory simultaneously construct direct,
    part the training grope for, so at the Jeremy Roenick Women's Jersey
    latest 14 beginning of every years ability first step usage.
    This bargain says not and up who Kui who earn, Germany got the light
    trench mortar technique of modern, finally can get away from the iron
    pimple that uses currently and plus 70 young lady technique, German
    army's real strenght is stronger.But Yang Qiu be born to press steel
    technique and the second tractor production line, although the submarine
    price is partial to an expensive at least naval diversification the
    hair don't can slowly start, most at least once having already changed,
    the situation of the Japanese warship reckless discrepancy Yang-tze
    River can be just a little suppressed.
    Certainly, flower Jonathan Toews Women's Jersey
    so much money isn't very great, so prepared he didn't also forget to
    tie up to let Germany send to ten several set diesel engines to say to
    is a spare parts, take come back to the factory mimicry and the research
    is used, although he there is better model number in the data
    machine,the diagram paper can not replace real object and make copy the
    design and improvement ability that can foster a technique section from
    the low class.
    Leave Germany after renting the boundary haven't waited the oil that
    he solves headache to anticipate and water soldier's problem, Yuan a
    life time Kai's wanting the news making peace has already come to hand
    Yuan Shi Kai thinks that the news that hold a three-party talks makes
    Yang Qiu some small surprised, but also explain that the north really
    sank into internal revolt and foreign invasion, the congress is also Jordin Tootoo Women's Jersey
    choked to death, want to beat have no money, and can not necessarily
    win, so he has to look for to negotiate, either to procrastinate of
    However he also have no hasty return to Wu Chang, is a secret first
    to contact ice in the Sa town, chose 20 young man with higher characters
    from navy schools in Southern Asia and the navy, Chen Shao Kuan
    recommended by little more than ice in the Sa town takes a brigade to
    leave for virtuous carry on a submarine the operation training is for 8
    month.For breaking Fukien to help the monopoly the navy's problem, he
    again to with the result that the court stretches hand and enlists
    voluntarily Chinese people's sons of joining the navy and goes to
    Germany to accept water soldier's training to remit to match to grasp
    text and Chen Shao Kuan's team to set up navy the first submarine troops
    for one year.
    What German submarine burns is diesel, the truck needs gasoline, the

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