wants to treat several more day
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    however the under current was dark flow out but don't end.After waiting
    he to return to Wu Chang soon, the square Rui coming back from Guilin
    has already put the telegram that Chen Hao Hui's secret deliver at table
    up.And go to Guilin before compare, this just 25-year-old intelligence
    report time officer not only the skin color is black a lot of, on the
    face also more are robust for several cents, Evgeni Malkin Authentic Jersey
    see Chen Hao Hui at the beginning of choice to him vibrate very much,
    even the always ready to smile tempers for makings Be all quietly
    concealed to have no.
    The battle of national defense soldier's taking is the sand yellow
    that imitates to build two war American soliders, the uniform at
    ordinary times is to embed blue, thick heavy tone plus his work
    property, matching not only don't wear a soldier's modesty and on the
    contrary give Yang Qiu Yi kind gloomy felling, really think that the
    skin of head of Nao Nao reminds he don't forget he just how old.
    "Commander, I suggest that immediately stealing a , this agreement
    to hand over to newspaper is public, the words like this can show
    citizen know some people's true character!"Square the speech of the Rui
    is very excited, Yang Qiu can feel his exasperation, even can thought of
    the felling that Chen Hao Hui sends back this telegram, but his facial
    expression didn't the least bit change and just Ian Cole Authentic Jersey
    lightly asked a way:"Did he write?"
    The square Rui shakes:"The Chen beautiful generation drew up to
    negotiate draft, Tang also advised him to sign for many times after the
    Yao and Liu Cun Hou, but he hasn't promised and seem is considering gain
    and loss."
    "That be."
    At square Rui in astonishment in the look in the eyes, Yang Qiu is
    good enough to this to stuff into a flank with the intelligence report
    that brings about controversy document most first floor, 10 crosses a
    pair of eyes to stare at:"I know the felling between you and Chen Hao
    Hui, but is an intelligence people, have to learn to anywhere control
    emotion at any time!He since also didn't labels, Jake Guentzel Authentic Jersey
    that explains that his heart hasn't deviated, so this intelligence
    report worthless!"
    The square Rui really doesn't understand this theory, even the tone
    has some to cut up rough a way:"But they want to reach agreement with
    Japan to is fact!"
    Yang Qiu didn't get angry and on the contrary walked to the document
    cabinet of flank in took out another agreement and pass to square
    Rui:"Originally this that day elder statesman's dog keeps Yi to make
    people transmit to mine, you see."Once connected after letter of
    agreement finish seeing, the square Rui poured to absorb a people's air
    conditioner, this negotiates up clear write if Yang Qiu promises will
    full receive to hand over to Japan, can get all materials of five
    teachers and at least 50,000,000 yen loans, even still opened half-price
    to construct the condition of two Jaromir Jagr Authentic Jersey
    cruisers!And Japan still promises to do the best to help inside the
    completion pass 18 province of unified.
    "I believe that this negotiated we, people's party and north oceans
    to all get hold of."Yang Qiu points the stool of an office desk front,
    let square the Rui poured cup tea and continued to say for him after
    sitting down:"So this agreement can not represent what, say to have what
    meaning of words, also only the that day originally want to overturn
    and misappropriate the disaster heart of our country."
    Coming back is so long, Yang Qiu has already understood politics in
    this ages is how complicated, can not in brief evaluate anyone through
    an affair, so he obstructs square Rui of

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