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  • buzai232buzai232 December 2017

    About 1,000 athletes and residents from over 20 nations participated in a stair-climbing race at the Shanghai World Financial Center, the city’s second-tallest building, this morning.

    Participants have to climb a total of 2,726 steps to the building’s
    100th floor at 474 meters, the highest climbing race, dubbed the “sky
    marathon,” in the city.

    Some 300 professional athletes and 700 residents, including those
    from the United States, France, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom,
    Germany and Italy took part in the event.

    “I have no ambition but just to enjoy the fun of tower climbing,”
    said Jan-Peter Bender from Germany, an engineer living at Jinqiao in

    He Liangliang, a marathon enthusiast, won the male’s top prize by
    reaching the top of the building within about 17 minutes. Yue Qinghua, a
    local swimming coach, won the female champion by finishing the race in
    about 21 minutes.

    The center has held the race since 2011. More similar races will be
    held in the building to encourage locals to take part in sports
    exercises, the management of the building said.After
    the race, the participants were invited to watch an ongoing exhibition
    featuring the popular British cartoon series “Where’s Wally?”

    The exhibition on the 94th, 97th and 100th floors runs through the
    end of December. Displays on the 423-meter Sky Arena 94 include six
    sections about ancient Egypt, the Colosseum, the Crusades, pirates, the
    US gold rush and the future. Wally’s distinctive red-and-white-striped
    shirt, bobble hat, and glasses make him easier to recognize among these

    The center also launched a campaign from today that those who wearing
    striped shirts can receive a 100 yuan (US$15.2) discount on the
    entrance ticket which costs 220 yuan to normal visitors. The discount
    campaign will run through the end of October.

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