FIFA 18 TOTY players- You can vote for the FIFA 18 Premier League player of the month
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    18 TOTY players
     EA Sports have announced the
    for the Premier League,
    December Player of the Month (PotM) award.

    Voting isminor-latin;mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin;mso-bidi-font-family:Arial;
    letter-spacing:-.1pt"> now open so fans can decide who is deserving of the
    award and more importantly, an amazing inform card on FIFA 18
    Ultimate Team. 

    letter-spacing:-.1pt">Liverpool's  Mohamed Salahdeservingly won the award last month and his superb
    performances have earned him yet another nomination.

    PotM informs are always amazing cards, the lowest rated one so was Leroy Sane's
    86 rated card for October.

    However, he faces stiff competition from some
    of the best players in the league. Manchester United midfielder Jesse Lingard
    hit his stride in December and has scored some crucial goals to keep Manchester
    United in the top four.

    Harry Kane, who has already received one POTM
    card this season, also ended the year in spectacular fashion. He scored
    hat-tricks two games in a row, leading to Kane breaking the record for the most
    Premier League goals in a calendar year.

    were also been some superb performances from defenders last month. Manchester
    City are comfortably sitting top of the table and while their incredible
    attacking players have been receiving all the headlines, Nicolas Otamendi has
    been superb at the back.

    Man City have previously been rather poor
    when it comes to defending but Otamendi has stepped up in Vincent Kompany's
    absence and helped Ederson claim 10 clean sheets already this season.

    And no defenderin Europe's top five leagues
    has scored more goals than Marcus Alonso this season. The Chelsea star is a
    constant threat going forward and has already bagged himself six goals this
    season - that's more than Dele Alli, Sadio Mane, Javier Hernandez, Marcus
    Rashford and Paul Pogba

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