5 top Solutions to Spice Up Your Romantic endeavors
  • buxonov73buxonov73 January 9
    1. Variety, they are saying, may be the spice of life. You shouldn't be afraid to experiment. Provided that no cause you to be uncomfortable or stressed, changing things up can also add tremendous spark in your sex life. OPEN your sex-life.


    Objects - adam and eve toys, videos, candles, etc.
    Places - Outside, shower, kitchen, etc.
    Examples - Read and follow instructions from books, videos, other stories, etc.
    New - Try something new everyday
    If something doesn't work, don't get worried and stop trying. Just go with the flow and see how new and different you can think of options to get variety for your romantic endeavors.

    2. Innovation is key to an exciting sex life. Thinking outside the box is the place where many complicated problems could be solved. Sex guides, videos, and therapy can help you improve your technique and learn new and better solutions to satisfy the challenges of your sex life. Don't stop learning. Don't stop tinkering with new and innovative methods to connect.

    3. Communication is the key. Really, connection and intimacy leads to good communication skills. But even if you are an excellent communicator, you can have a lousy sex-life. Why? Most good communicators tend not to communicate with their partner about sex, orgasm, as well as what excites them sexually. We think we must have "natural" abilities because sex is really "natural". Hogwash! Anything you want to be really good at takes having the ability to communicate your needs and desires clearly.

    4. Teasing - Playfulness may be exciting and alluring.

    Guys, try pleasing her with foreplay titillating her with all the issues you know she likes but withdraw from actually doing so. Slow! Make her i would love you even more through your time and energy.
    Girls, since guys are visual, try surprising him with something out of the ordinary as they is leaving for work and backing out from the driveway. Are experts in thinking about you together with getting home for hours on end! As well utilize the approach above with a guy by starting and stopping intimate connection.
    5. Open the mind

    Guys have to start to think when it comes to a marathon instead of a sprint. Doing things for your significant other, taking your time and efforts to kiss, caress, and express acts of kindness can go a long way in spicing your love life. Ask her what turns her on. Even though you think you realize, try getting yourself into what she really wants regardless of whether it will take her some time to help you get a response.
    Girls know that guys are visual within their stimulation so what you may do today to visually stimulate them, they will be all set to go. Two things however, don't surrender if you're not successful. Some buy fancy lingerie, apply it once, if they don't get the desired results, it is going back in the closet. Try asking him what turns him on (communication - see above) and listen no matter how weird it appears.

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