Ore Rotary Kiln
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    Kiln head

    Kiln head is the discharging port of Ore Milling Equipment . The diameter of kiln head is bigger than that of rotary kiln,andit uses stainless steel. The main components of kiln headare overhaul mouth, coal injection mouth, and inspect hole, etc.

    Kiln body

    Kiln body is the main part of rotary kiln and generally has a length of 30~150m. In most cases, the rotary kiln body is processed into 3 to 10 sectors, and then welded together when conveyed to destination. Rolling ring part is also commonly known as tire rings made of steel. Due to load-bearing, kiln plate is slightly thicker than other parts. Supporting wheel, also a part of the kiln, is connected to foundation with roller rings, and it is the entire load-bearing pillar of the rotary kiln. Usually, a group of idler consists of two rollers and two gear wheels.

    Kiln tail

    Kiln tail is also an important part of rotary kiln responsible to feeding materials and sealing.

    Common appurtenances

    Preheating Tower

    Before material entering into rotary kiln, we need to use preheating machine to initially heat material with emission waste heat. Preheating tower is multi-vertical structure, and it can reduce energy consumption and improve grade offinished product .


    Cooler is different from pre-heating tower, on the contrary, it is used for cooling product immediately. Cooler looks like a small rotary kiln with smaller diameter and shorter kiln body.


    Conveyor is conveying device. However, edge tear is the most common part, which is doubtlessly related to internal defects.

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