The Rising Sales Momentum of Classifier
  • yoyocrusheryoyocrusher January 11

    With the demand expansion of the mechanical electronics and consumption electronics products, the classifiers also are developing in a fast speed. Now the electric products seen by people often integrate many functions, which also owe to the combined classifiers. It is predicted that in the future the Ultrafine Mill will get better development and its sales amount will greatly increase.

    The advantages of drown type spiral classifier manufactured by are as follows:

    1.The whole spiral on the overflow end is under the dropping area liquid level, and the dropping area is deep and large in size, so that the drown type spiral classifier manufactured by our company is the first choice for fine particle classifying.

    2. On the sand returning end, there is equipped with sand returning automatic lifting device, and the ball mill spoon configuration is eliminated, other the spoon device should be regularly check and examined.

    3. Generally speaking, it can save 1~1.5 KW of electricity while processing one ton of rocks.

    4. It lessens the imbalanced impact on the big and small gear of the ball mill.

    When being used in the products that are required to adopt specific technology, the production cost will be the determining factor. Take the mechanical industry as an example; the demanding amount every year is huge, so that if the production cost is high, high pressure will be brought to the mechanical production companies. In order to save production cost, the combination classifier is the best choice.

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