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    Name: XG40 rail CNC machine tool
    Equipment features:
    The whole closed guide rail, the CNC lathe of the line rail is the whole cast iron bed foot, compared with the hard guide CNC lathe, the bright spot has the rigidity, the stability is good, the precision is high, the operation is convenient, the province is saved the time.

    Standard and selection function
    Beijing cairn CNC system s
    Ac servo system s
    Pneumatic spring fixture s
    Row tool rest s
    4.0kw /5.5KW spindle motor s
    Stepless variable frequency control spindle s
    Automatic lubrication s
    Male/English thread function S/
    The cooling systemS/
    Guangzhou numerical control and othero
    4 station automatic knife towero
    S: standard O: choice / : no
    Main technical parameters
    The maximum rotary diameter of the bedmmɸ470
    The maximum turning diameter of a mopmmɸ270
    Maximum Z travelmm400
    Maximum X strokemm370
    Fast moving speedm/minX:12 z:18
    Diameter of spindle holemmɸ48
    Main motor powerkw4.0/5.5
    Spindle speedr/min200-3000
    Cutter areamm20x20
    Chuck specificationsmmɸ160/ɸ200
    Positioning accuracymmx:0.01 z:0.01
    Pulse equivalentmmx:0.0005 z:0.001
    Cooling water pump powerw90
    Machine weightkg≈1800
    Machine dimensionsmm≈2150x1650x1750
    Equipment details and part of machinable products
    The company is honored
    Service commitment
    Pre-sale, sale, after-sales service guarantee system
    At the beginning of sales, we will have a professional sales engineer to patiently communicate with you, understand your needs and choose the best solution for you.We accept special customization for your special needs.
    Since equipment reach the customer time, the quality of the machine tool itself causes of failure, one year free warranty, fault caused by the quality of the machine tool itself reason, also actively cooperate with, repair, maintenance.
    Guarantee the supply of spare parts for the whole life, make sure to buy the machine.Hongchuang customer service center is equipped with special machines, electricity and hydraulic maintenance engineers, 48 hours in the province, and 72 hours of domestic service in place.

    Q: Are we a trading firm or a manufacturer?
    A: We are a MANUFACTURER.
    Q: What’s our payment mode?
    A: L/C, T/T
    Q: Can machines be customized?
    A: YES.
    Q: How long is the warranty period?
    A: 12 months.Cnc Machine

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