Do you know how to save the toner cartridge cost?
  • adtozhouadtozhou January 2018
    Comparing with laser printer, Color laser printers cost is higher than laser printers. Print a A4 format border less photos, the total cost is CNY 10. And a lower price of a set of ink also need CNY 100 to 200, while the good quality ink need about CNY 400 to 500, so how to better save ink that is a prerequisite to make better use of color laser printer is a prerequisite . Today, let us talk about how to save the toner cartridge cost.

    1.Focus on printing
    The working principle of ink-jet printers and laser printers is different. When they are started, the printer will automatically clean the print head and initializes the printer once, and charges the ink delivery system. As a result, a large amount of ink is wasted, hence, It is best way to save ink is not to let it start frequently. Therefore, when a certain amount of print jobs have been accumulated, we can print all documents at once that is an ink saving method we can do.

    2.Using the economic model
    Expensive supplies expenditures are the main reason to hindered laser printers into the homes of ordinary people. Hence, the new laser printers have increased the “Economic Print Mode” feature and it can save almost half of the ink by using this mode, and it can significantly improve print speed. However, the print speed is very fast by this mode, however the print quality is not satisfactory, so it is recommended that you choose the best mode when printing drafts.

    3. Reduce the number of cleaning the print head
    Most laser printers will automatically clean the print head when it is turned on, and it have buttons to clean the print heads, as well as quick cleaning, regular cleaning, and thorough cleaning of the third gear. Under normal circumstances that we can choose the complete a quick cleaning is the best, because we know that if we choose more thoroughly washed and we will waste more ink. I had tested a color laser printer and after trying to complete a full cleaning head operation, I found that was consumed about 1/10 of the ink

    4. Find a good brand toner cartridge supplier with nice price.
    Toner cartridge as a heart of printer, it is consumable, the cost of toner cartridge is sky high, sometimes it will over the cost of printer. So the best way to save the cost of toner cartridge is that to find a good supplier with nice price& good quality. Such as if you use the HP printer and the toner cartridge model is hp cf217a, you can choose hp cf217a to replace the original and the quality is good, price is competitive.

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