Traditional Cargo Elevator Running Through the Gear Transmission
  • escalatorcompanyhuescalatorcompanyhu January 2018

    Cargo elevator is a large power consumption, each cargo
    elevator -
    at least equivalent to 10 air
    conditioners, but also produce electromagnetic waves, noise interference.

    Therefore, the government and manufacturers will jointly implement the
    application of energy-saving technologies. Such as "maglev" -like operation
    Permanent magnet synchronous motor drive technology works similar to the maglev
    train, through the magnetic field cutting to produce traction, drive the
    elevator car up and down.

    In the past, the traditional cargo elevator running through the gear
    transmission, inevitably have energy loss, but also the need to use lubricants,
    worm gear reducer will make room noise, and now, permanent magnet synchronous
    motor drive system efficiency will be increased by more than 30%, and reduced
    power consumption. Take an ordinary elevator with a load of 1050 kg as an
    example. If the daily operation is 16 hours and the working condition is
    averagely 40% load, each permanent magnet synchronous cargo elevator can save
    9000 kWh per year compared with the traditional products. It is understood that
    Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator currently has more than 30% of the products using
    this technology.

    Electric motor and its load to save energy there are two main ways: First,
    improve the motor or load operating efficiency, such as fan, pump speed is to
    improve the efficiency of the load operation as the goal of energy-saving
    measures, another example cargo elevator drive inverter speed to replace the
    traditional AC induction motor speed regulator is to improve the efficiency of
    the motor as the goal of energy-saving measures. The second is the motor has
    been converted to the load on the mechanical energy inverse conversion into
    electrical energy regeneration and utilization, so that the motor and the load
    in the unit time consumption of the grid power down, so as to achieve the
    purpose of saving. Active energy feedback device is the second type of
    energy-saving devices typical.

    As we all know, motor drag load rotary motion that is equipped with
    mechanical kinetic energy, if the motor pulled up, the next movement of the load
    (such as elevators, cranes, reservoir gates, etc.) and have a bit of energy.
    When the motor drives the load to decelerate, the mechanical kinetic energy will
    be released. When the potential energy load decreases (the bit energy can be
    reduced), the mechanical position energy will also be released. If the two
    mechanical energy can be effectively converted into Regeneration and utilization
    of electricity and energy can achieve the purpose of saving electricity.

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