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    Vpayfast.com : Your Best Life Assistant While Living in China

    1. What Can We Do?

    A. Recharge Your Alipay and Wechat Wallet

    //Alipay Wallet

    Alipay is a payment platform used by individuals and businesses for making and receiving payments in a safer, easy-to-use, swift way. Alipay’s users are primarily buyers and sellers engaging in e-commerce transactions.

    Also you can use it to buy from taobao and most online shopping platforms in China.

    //WeChat Wallet

    WeChat is the most popular chatting app in China, almost everyone uses it. Apart from message text, video and audio chat function, WeChat has the e-payment function.

    Why you need to activate e-payment function?

    Having e-payment function means you need an active wallet. Many functions like booking taxis, buying cinema tickets, paying bills and transfer money, even to enter a chat group which is more than 150 people, all need an active wallet in WeChat.

    B. Fulfil Your Payment Request

    We can finish payment to most of the worldwide online shopping platforms for you.

    2. How Does it Works?

    Two Easy steps to finish the transaction

    A. Customers place orders
    B. We finish orders in 5 minutes

    3. What Payment Methods Can Be Used on Vpayfast.com?
    You can finish your payment to us with more than 60 local payment methods.

    4. Why Choosing Us?

    A. Fast Delivery

    We will finish your order in minutes

    B. Competitive Price

    Buy more, save more.

    C. 7*24 Service Guarentee

    For any problem, just contact our 7*24 online customer service.

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