Chinese Feng Shui, Arts, Crafts, and much more!
  • GhislaineLamavgpjGhislaineLamavgpj February 2018
    You can reach me at: email;; Ph\Txt: (925) 391-1297 in person at my off line store. My offline store is at Fleamasters Fleamarket, Blue Isle, Booth 61\63, 4135 MLK Blvd, Ft Myers, FL 33916 on Fri, Sat, Sun, 9-5pm. Summer time 9-3 on Friday.

    The bamboolady is located at Fleamasters Fleamarket in Ft Myers, Florida. I carry the following items: lucky bamboo, lotus bamboo, money tree, orchids, and variety of bonsai trees. I also have green green (plant food) and bio gel beads for sale.

    If you want Chinese arts and crafts, or gifts; I have silk scrolls, large and small fans, figurines such as the laughing buddha and guan yin, dragon, guan yu, fuk luk sau, lucky boy and girl, lucky cat, money frog, foo dog, … I also have feng shui amulets and talisman like the bagua mirror, chinese coins, bells, malas and bracelets – and much more.

    Oh, I forgot – jade and crystals; incense, fragrance and essential oil; and fountains too!
    Chinese Feng Shui Arts Crafts and Gifts with the Bamboo Lady in Ft Myers, FL

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