choose your ideal training for fat burner
  • justbetterjustbetter February 2018
    Research conducted by Sasaki Et al, 1987 oversaw aerobic training conducted for 2 years with subjects 41 obese children (21 men, 20 women) in which the training was conducted on school activity activities. The results of his research mentioned that the increase in muscle mass and weight loss where the weight comes from fat.


    A study of 38 individuals included in the overweight inactive classification found a decrease in visceral fat levels in CONT (continuous aerobic exercise training) in which HIIT did not decrease. The researchers mentioned that HIIT has an advantage in terms of efficiency because less time is required than traditional cardio, in the context of this study. Another study mentioned by doing CONT for 2 months, subject of young women (exercise cycling) decreased levels of visceral fat, with a better body recomposition. Low-moderate daily intensity cardio activity is better at reducing fat in the abdominal area, where HIIT is better than cardiopulmonary action (cardiopulmonary action).


        the next question, is HIIT not as good and as effective as the news?

    research using low volume with HIT method is a good strategy to improve body recomposition and also muscle oxidative capacity in overweight / obese women. Another study mentioned (the subject of 60 women who sit in college randomly placed in a group HIIT or moderate group intensity cardio or control group (not doing cardio activity at all).

    see Workout Finishers Review at healthyguidesblog which program is recommended After 12 weeks of training, each exercise type saw increased body recomposition, better heart rate at rest, better oxygen absorption, and better overall cardiac performance. HIIT seems better because the sample sizenya more, not because it has advantages compared with the intensity of cardio activity.


    Each method has its own advantages which I think complement each other, because of its high intensity, it is unlikely you can do HIIT with frequencies very often and according to the literature I read, the maximum can be done 3x. If with LISS, it will be easier to apply for people who start / never exercise, of course this is to build basic fitness level first, not possible when people just practice, we immediately give HIIT.

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