Punishment for Those Subscribe the Partner with Allah Almighty
  • adeeliqbaladeeliqbal February 2018
    Everything in the universe from the small watch to the massive buildings. , tree, animals, winds, humans who created them? Who planted the trees in the mountain on the inch? Who harvests them and water them? He is Allah Almighty alone. Everything in the Universe gives us the message of his ones! In Quran, Allah says many times about his oneness and some of those verse as follows. In another place, 

    Allah says in Quran as follows, 

    "There is no god but Allah, he has no offsprings, nor he is the offspring of any. He is alone master and creator of the universe. "

    As Allah says in Quran as follows, 

    "There is no god but him, and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is his messenger and seal of prophets." 

    In another place, Allah says as follows, 

    "He is the one who has power over all." 

    As we can see from these verses that Allah Almighty says in Quran as follows, 

    "Verily, who subscribe to the other gods with Allah, then Allah has banned the Paradise to them, and the Fire of Hell is ready for them. And for the sinners, there are no helpers. "

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    "If you join with Allah, surely your good deeds will be unconsidered, and you will surely be among those on whom the paradise is forbidden." 

    In another place of the Holy Quran Allah says as follows,

    "Those who reject the ones of the Allah are not among the People of the Book and are among the Non-believers, and they will be in the fire of Hell, to dwell therein. They are the worst creations. "

    In another place of Holy Quran Allah says as follows, 

    "If you have true faith in Allah then never associate partners to Him, if any subscribes to a Allah, he will fall from the sky and the birds will snatch him away."

    These are the all of the Punishments for those who subscribe the pattern to Allah Almighty. He is the only master and the creator of the Universe. He has bestowed us many for the things. But to worship him alone. So, it's our duty to thanks, Allah to everything and there is no better place to thank Allah other than in his own house.

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