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  • alternatorsalternators February 26
    Pandora jewelry shop was raided by [url=]pandora charms genuine uk[/url] burglars who broke in over the back door. Three men stole a stash of jewellery in the Abingdon branch at regarding 10pm on Thursday.

    Police today released descriptions of [url=]pandora petite memories[/url] the burglars, who fled the Bury Street shop on foot towards James Court. 2 wore jackets with hoods up, and scarves around the faces. The third wore some sort of bright blue jacket having a light-coloured scarf. Officers said the burglars were also carrying a blue laundry-style travelling bag.

    Detective Sergeant Jon Shaw, [url=]pandora rings cheap uk[/url] based at Abingdon Study Hub said: “I would want to speak to anyone who saw what happened as well as who saw any suspicious activity inside the area at around time of the incident. "

    Police did not [url=]pandora love charms[/url] state how much jewelry was stolen or the amount it was worth. It's thought the burglars gained access through the back door, which opens out to some car park behind your shop.

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