Ashton Tyler, Actor in the movies Black Panther, Hidden Figures, and Uncle Drew
  • YoshieGeterqwwtYoshieGeterqwwt February 2018

    From a very young age, Ashton Tyler was destined to become an entertainer. Born and raised in the Birmingham Metropolitan area, he began training, modeling and acting regionally at 7-years-old. Soon, he was cast is his first national television role in the TV One series Fatal Attraction.

    He would go on to appear in the feature film Hidden Figures (2017) alongside veterans including Kevin Costner, Taraji P. Henson and Octavia Spencer as the youngest son of the latter.

    Throughout the following years his career has ascended to new heights, and this is just the beginning. Adding two more titles to his ever-growing resume, Ashton is poised for a bright future. Ashton was introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Young T'Challa in the blockbuster hit movie Black Panther (2018) written and directed by the talented Ryan Coogler. Ashton is also featured in the summer 2018 comedy Uncle Drew (2018) produced by and starring Kylie Irving. He is joined by a cast of comedy and basketball legends, such as Shaquille O'Neal, Erica Ash, Lil' Rel Howrey and so many more.

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