Suresh Raina Fails To Hear MS Dhoni's Instructions
  • buzai232buzai232 March 2

    MS Dhoni may not be India's captain now, but you can't take the
    captain out of the wicket keeper batsman. The 36-year-old has proved
    time and again that he is the best in the business despite handing over
    the baton to Virat Kohli. The Ranchi stalwart is often heard guiding and
    advising young players during the match and his instructions are often
    caught on the stump microphone. One such instance took place during the
    third and final T20I against South Africa in Cape Town when the former
    India skipper was heard giving instructions to Suresh Raina.Find the
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    Raina was bowling the 14th over of the South African innings after
    Axar Patel conceded 16 runs off his first over. Raina conceded three
    runs in his first three deliveries and just before he bowled the fourth,
    Dhoni was heard directing Raina on how to bowl the next delivery.
    "Dande pe tez mat daalna. Dande pe tez mat daalna. Dande pe tez mat
    daalna (Don't bowl fast and straight into the stumps. Don't bowl fast
    and straight into the stumps.


    Don't bowl fast and straight into the stumps.)," Dhoni was caught
    saying on the stump mic.Despite Dhoni's instruction of not to dart the
    ball in, the left-handed bowler, it seems, missed the instructions and
    did exactly the opposite of the keeper said. As a result, Raina was
    hammered for back-to-back boundaries by South African debutant
    Christiaan Jonker. India, after posting a competitive total of 172/7 in
    20 overs, beat South Africa by seven runs to clinch the three-match T20I
    series 2-1.

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