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  • momu777momu777 March 2018
    Product show:
    The service we provide:
    1, Industrial design
    2, CNC plastic/metal prototypes
    3, SLA/SLS service
    4, Vacuum casting/vacuum casting (Silicon Mould)
    5, CNC Aluminum/Brass/Copper/Bronze CNC machining/machined parts
    6, Injection mold &Plastic Injection
    7, Low volume production
    Metal Prototypes:
    Plastic Prototypes:
    Company Information :
    2f Prototypes is one of China's largest and most experienced prototype Manufacturer. With 15 years experience in prototype and model manufacture, we use our high precision machines and experienced skills to bring your vision to life. All the parts will be well inspectioned prior to ship, we also have 3D Coordinate Measuring Machines(CMM)to ensure customers' requests.
    CNC/SLA/SLS/Vacuum Casting/Tooling
    Professional and various finishing facilities.
    Best choice for customers from all over the world and our Hard-working international service team deal with your projects according to your working time
    We also can provide high quality injection moulding and blow mould tooling service fast and
    Effectively. We have a wide range of specialist plastic forming and machining equipment 3&5 axis CNC machines and vacuum forming/thermoforming machines, we are able to fabricate all kinds of material.
    Our experienced team of plastic and technicians are able to fabricate almost any plastics products
    Using their plastic fabricating skills.
    We see quality service and reliability as the key attributes required for a happy customer-supplier relationship and aim to ensure all our customers see the benefit of our high standards.
    If you are interested or exactly in need of our service, please just come to 2F at once!
    Materials1 .Plastic: PA, PP, POM, PC, PE, Nylon, PVC, ABS, PA6,
    PA66, PA6+30%FG, PA66+30%FG, Silicone, rubber...
    2.Metals: Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Aluminum alloy, Copper,  Brass, Bronze, metal plate, Steel, Carbon steel, Iron etc
    3. Wood and other special materials.
    FinishPolish, transparent surface, translucent surface, power coating,
    UV curing, painting, rubber oil, metallic painting,
    silk-screen printing, brushed, anodizing, plating,
    laser-etching, sand-blasting, drawbench, etc.
    Advantages1. Full range equipment, all the normal prototyping can be finished.
    2. Short lead time: 2-3 days.
    3. Good quality, fast delivery, low cost.
    Application1. Digital & Telecommunication products: Computer, PC, mobile phone, cell phone,
    MP3, MP4, DVD, VCD, CD, DV, digital camera, fax machine, key board, mouse, numerator ect.
    2. Vehicle products: Automobile parts: Motorcycle parts, car decorations of
    outter and inner side, auto video case ect.
    3. House appliance: air conditioner, LCD TV, fridge, speaker, vacuum
    cleaner, electric fan, coffee pot, electric rice cookers and so on.
    4. Medical equipment: ultrasonic machine, X ray machine, Hemodialysis instrument,
    monitor, analyzer ect.
    Q1 What is the MOQ?
    A: Minimum Order Quantity is one piece. IF you require more qty,the price is more cheaper.
    Q2 Can you do the mass production?
    A:Yes,we are a factory which can provide service of precision cnc machining, rapid prototyping, injection moulds and plastic injection.After you confirm the samples, we can start mass production.It is very convienient for customers to choose us as a one-stop solution supplier.
    Q3 Which 3d drawing files should go with the machines?
    A: CNC machines only read *IGS,*STP,*STEP,*IGES,*X-T format, For *STL format,it goes with 3d printer and SLA.sla prototype manufacturers

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