Nightmare joins "SoulCalibur 6" wielding his iconic demon sword Soul Edge
  • SinleneSinlene March 2018
    This next character is the one you’ve been waiting for. The fan favorite
    Nightmare. Soulcalibur features “light” and “dark” elements and
    unsurprisingly Nightmare is a character who symbolizes the “dark”

    Okubo noted that there will be a new mechanic in the game called 'Reversal Edge'.
    he essentially serves as the series' main villain, it should probably
    come as no surprise that he is extremely powerful. He even appears
    stronger inside "Soul Calibur"

    has always been one of the more interesting looking characters in the
    Tekken and Soulcalibur series, with a bizarre set of fighting moves to
    match. In the past
    he's appeared as a ninja-samurai-beetle-alien-ghost-demon-kabuki thing,
    as different characters have taken on the Yoshimitsu persona and
    GameSprite has played around with his look.

    Ivy's reveal was also
    accompanied by a second character, Zasalamel. He originally made his
    debut way back in Soul Calibur 3, which came out for the arcades and PC.
    Zasalamel has a mid-ranged scythe as his main weapon and focuses on
    using a lot of oblong attacks and circular mid-range strikes. Zasalamel
    isn't as fast as characters like Ivy or Mitsurugi. Instead, he has more
    methodical strikes themed around the scythe's ability to stop opponents
    from advancing in on him.

    The next question and answer touched on the Nintendo Switch and if the team can develop a Switch version.

    joins "SoulCalibur 6" wielding his iconic demon sword Soul Edge, and
    Okubo teases that fans ought to be excited about how he will use it in
    the game and what moves he will showcase.

    we've seen more screenshots from Soul Calibur 6 released by developer GameSprite.

    It would have been nice to see these older characters revamped in terms of their outfits, skills and
    weapons, but for diehard Soulcalibur fans, the return to the first game
    and the return of characters might be a welcomed nostalgic experience.

    Weapons in the free-to-play Soul Calibur game
    can possess an elemental power — where fire beats wind, wind beats
    water, water beats fire — governed by a light or dark association.
    Players can collect virtual items and weapons by using Soul Crush to
    make opponents drop loot or purchase them online. Additionally, in-game
    items can be created or upgraded using the game's crafting system, as
    highlighted in the video above.

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