In the United States, one of the most famous
  • chitianshi520chitianshi520 March 2018
    If you own or manage any business then you may have already thought of
    incorporating plants into your decorating scheme. It just makes so much sense.
    Having some nice potted plants available for your customers or clients to enjoy
    lightens the mood. Also ,
    having a nice assortment of potted plants reflects positively on you as a
    person. Remember that having a "green thumb" means that you are a bit of a
    horticulturist which is a "good thing".

    Your Office Space is Just Like a Desert to Plants

    If you have already given potted plants a try in your place then you most
    likely got to watch them as they died a slow lingering death. Don't blame
    yourself however, because air conditioning and heaters will dry the air out,
    also plants need good sunlight. This unfortunately means that the average office
    space happens to be the worst environment to keep plants in, because its just
    like a desert to them.

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