Efficacy of the herbal treatment for nocturnal emissions
  • chitianshi520chitianshi520 March 2018
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    the meat industry, chemical fertilizer manufacturers and queasy people
    everywhere are shaking in their boots due to recent scientific and agricultural
    innovations brought about by worm farming.

    The buzz is: worms may well
    save the planet. Consider: worms are one of the easiest animals in the world to
    farm, and all you have to do to harvest 100% organic meat is to raise earthworms
    in organic soil.

    Home worm farms are a breeze to set up; they compost
    your fruit and vegetable waste and your dog and cat's poop; and their droppings
    diluted in a water solution to the color of a weak tea make the best fertilizer
    you'll ever use in your garden.

    And your fruit and vegetable crops won't
    be the only bounty you can eat. Raw worms are not the most desirable food, but
    meat scientists are fascinated with the possibility of processed worm meat.

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