The Cable Tie Installation Tool: Simplifying Your Productions
  • buzai232buzai232 March 12

    Cable Markers
    Plus has always promoted cable ties for their simplicity and utility.
    They are an indispensable asset for aircraft mechanics, cable
    installers, plumbers, fishermen, the military and more. We cannot stress
    enough that even the novice DIY-er should keep these tools in their
    workshop. Believe it or not, after lauding over the cable tie’s
    ease-of-use, we’re going to reveal how to make using them easier than
    ever. We’re talking about the cable tie installation tool. Cable tie
    installation tools save time, money and, in the long term, minimize the
    types of health risks associated with repetitive movement.

    of lower back pain, tissue injuries due to repetitive hand motion are
    one of the most common ailments in the world. Even the most innocuous
    everyday motions can lead to disorders such as bursitis and tendinitis.
    Repeatedly twisting ties – among the many other tedious hand movements
    associated with electrical work – definitely falls into this category.
    With a cable tie installation tool, you can start assembling even the
    most intricate systems with less stress on the hands and with greater
    ease. Lightweight and reliable, another advantage of this resource is
    you can place a cable tie with minimal fuss. Suddenly you’re not
    worrying about those hard to reach areas, which require extensive
    reaching, stretching and uncomfortable contortion of limbs.

    device has a convenient pistol grip, meaning you’ll be able to apply
    cable ties with a single hand. Pull the trigger and not only will the
    cable tie cinch, but a simple twist of the tool removes any excess
    strap. All done. Of course, like any tool, getting the job done requires
    having the right tool variant. Cable ties are engineered from nylon,
    metal and plastic. Each is designed to handle unique situations. The
    same applies to cable tie installation tools. One tool might be perfect
    for jobs that have a maximum capacity of 50 pounds. Another handy cable
    tie installation tool may be best suited for heavy duty projects, such
    as stabilizing machinery or securing cable ties that hold hundreds of
    pounds. You may prefer features like adjustable tensioning or a tool
    that can cut metal ties, as opposed to one that can only handle lighter

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