Guild Wars 2 Friend/Ships: The story of Poz and Bria
  • sheliasmithsonsheliasmithson March 14
    The last weblog post about Guild Wars 2 Friend/Ships is all regarding the story of Poz and Bria. They met by means of Guild Wars 2 and are now superior friends. Also, they have organized events Ingame together and Bria is now a effective streamer.

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    Our players use the # GW2FriendShips hashtag to share their favorite friendship and enjoy stories that started with Guild Wars 2. Now it is possible to buy gw2 gold read them all on the Friend/Ships web site! We thank all people that have participated so far. Our raffle is over, but we continue to look forward for your story!

    Within the third and final story of your "Friend/Ships" campaign, you meet Bria and Poz. The friendship on the two combatants is in a position to bridge borders.

    Do not you know Guild Wars 2's Friend/Ships campaign yet? In our 1st and second video it is possible to discover more stories from players.

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