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    As being a DNA based IBS and internet-based nutrition health consultant, Medical Therapist and weight reduction coach Andrew Gee MSc (ACSM MFHT) discusses deep factors affecting DNA expression such as methylation and toxin damage which will make that it is hard of burning fat, optimise fat loss or manage persistent IBS and health symptoms. After winning the Yakult prize for excellence for coming top of his BSc (Hons) Nutrition undergraduate degree Andrew (The Therapist) continued to study a professional Masters in Health, Exercise and Nutrition at Liverpool Hope University, since qualifying he's got gained an advanced Diploma in Nutritional Therapy and launched a forward thinking nutrition practice offering personalised and tailored advice as being a Liverpool Nutritionist with a special focus on people discovering it tough to maximise weight-loss and manage their nutrition for IBS.


    A Liverpool Nutritionist:
    The medical Therapist also provides advanced testing protocols, blood and DNA tests to help individuals improve and manage themselves, identify their finest diet type of burning fat and establish if someone else is lactose or gluten intolerant, factors that might affect IBS symptoms along with also providing SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) and leaky gut testing.

    Nutrition for IBS and Health issues:
    IBS symptoms are complex difficulty with factors including Helicobacter Pylori infection, a leaky gut, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, lactose, fructose or gluten intolerance and inadequate nutrition all at play. Similarly persistent exposure to allergens could raise IgE levels and trigger IBS symptoms. Each one of these factors combine to switch a persons specific nutrition requirements.

    Weight Loss:
    When it comes to people can not maintain weight-loss. adrenal fatigue happens to be an essential aspect, in his Rodney Street sessions Andrew performs a nutrition focused physical exam that also includes assessment of adrenal fatigue and also able to offer appropriate blood testing. Correcting these factors is most likely the jump start to weight reduction that numerous individuals are seeking. Similarly when trying to optimise weight loss nutrition deficiencies can often be present impeding the bodyХs ability to get rid of fat and bringing about numerous medical problems. They're assessed through dietary recall, diet diary, a nutrition focused physical exam - and also Testing where desired. Advanced DNA testing can also identify an individualХs optimal diet type for effective and lasting weight loss.

    Nutrition for Sports:
    Andrew is also a sports nutritionist and ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) member while offering Testing for maximum exercise type to increase performance gains, burn up fat out of season, and manage athletes health. Esoteric supplementation tailored for an individualХs sport and personalised by body mass could also offer an advantage

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