Hot Sale Blackout Fabric suppliers
  • salink888salink888 April 2018
    Our History
    Deqing yongde home textiles co.,ltd was established in 1997.
    Our Factory
    Our factory are lacated in deqing leidian economic development zone and we have quite a number of experienced experienced engineers and skilled workers.
    Our Product
    Our company mainly produce kinds of functional curtain fabric,we are professional at flame retardant fabric and blackout fabric.
    Product Application
    Hotel Awning  curtain home textile industry lining sofa
    Our Certificate
    SGS report cetification  ISO9000 certificate
    Production Equipment
    Six production lines/coating machine/ foaming machine/setting machine/curly machine
    Production Market
    The main products of our company are Europe, America, and now we are exploring new marketsHot Sale Blackout Fabric suppliers

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