• salink888salink888 April 2018
    Bathroom bath ball for adult mesh shower puff bath ball easy to hang
    Product Introduction:
    A bathroom bath ball for adult mesh shower puff bath ball for home for you at your home.
    Main functions: This adult type is especial bathroom bath ball for home. It is 240 mesh bath ball and could be easily hang on the wall or bracket. The puff bath ball feels nice and relaxing when washing your body.
    Usage Circumstance:
    Q1: Is there any special offer if buying the bath ball?
    A: The bath balls have attractive and reasonable price. Besides, there are some chances to get gifts from our online shops, like bubble water. So, please attention to our activities usually from our platform.
    Q2: Could I customize the Christmas version for bath balls?
    A: We can provide customized services and also can design special models to meet your needs for Christmas gifts, as long as the order is more than 1,000 units.
    Q: Where are you producing?
    A: Our factory is located in ShenZhen in the south of China, which is one of the most prosperous cities in China. Meanwhile, the city is well known for its innovation and design all over the world. So we will provide more new designed products for you in the future.Adult bath ball

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