You like what you see adidas Ultra Boost in new colorways?
  • Conrad1106Conrad1106 April 2018
    Adidas Womens Ultra Boost for Sale continues to release and unveil different rendition of the Ultra Boost. This time around, adidas removes the traditional Primeknit upper and favor of a more warm construction, while switching up the look of the cage. Let’s take a closer look.What you see above is an adidas Ultra Boost dressed in a wool Primeknit upper. This new type of construction makes the shoe even more appealing during the winter season. In addition to the wool construction, the shoe also comes equipped with translucent TPU cages. As of right now, the two colorway in display come in Black with a smoky Black cage, and a Light Tan with Olive equipped with a cloudy cage. A tonal heel counter and White Boost midsole complete the look of the shoe. You like what you see?

    Yet another pair of the adidas Ultra Boost that will debut during the Summer has leaked. Again this pair will be made exclusively for Women. The adidas Ultra Boost Grey Pink will arrive July 2016.This Summer ready adidas Ultra Boost comes dressed in Grey and Shock Pink. Through the uppers is Primeknit while featuring a few shades of Grey along with a gradient across the toe. In addition, Pink is hinted across the heel cup to give them some pop. Completing the look is a White Boost midsole and Black used o the outsole.The adidas Ultra Boost ‘Shock Pink’ is scheduled to release at adidas Originals retailers.

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