Ningbo TEC Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. Ships Tecjet 5ft DX7, DX5, XP600 Eco Solvent Printer totally
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    Professional printer manufacturer Ningbo TEC Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. now ships the Tecjet 5ft Digital Inkjet Eco Solvent Printer free of charge. Interested people have to place a minimum order of just one group of eco solvent printer to obtain this offer. Ningbo exports to South and Central America, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia as well as other countries.
    The Tecjet printer produces vibrant graphics across various applications including banners, polyester textile, vinyl, signs, UV roll material, packaging prototypes, apparel heat transfers, vehicle graphics, POP displays, art work posters, label and decals. The printer is extremely easy to operate and will run Twenty four hours. It provides a height adjustable CISS cartridge that could accommodate different types of ink. The automated ink system makes cleanup easy. The printer’s features allow for a bigger color gamut and faster drying time. Thanks to the improved ink fixation, printed isn’t hampered and it has better chemical and scratch resistance. The ink has better media compatibility as well, that allows the printer to operate considerably more smoothly.
    Because the Tecjet printer uses eco solvent ink, users can conserve cash print figures. For the reason that eco solvent inks be cheaper and provide high quality prints as opposed to regular inks located in the market. Eco solvent inks may help users print on a large selection of affordable PVC with regular paper backing. These inks have lesser deterioration of print heads, that helps extend the lifespan from the printer. Since eco solvent inks are eco-friendly, technology-not only for printing high resolution outdoor signage that could deal with both uncoated and coated surfaces. Each printer is covered with plywood to guard these devices during delivery. Ningbo TEC Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. also accepts customized packaging.
    The organization provides online services with local technicians and English, Spanish, French languages support. If needed, the organization can also offer door-to-door service.


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    Company Name: Ningbo TEC Industry And Trade Co., Ltd.
    City, State, Country: Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
    Contact: Ms. Wendy Yu
    Address:(11-A01) No. 29, Dongdu Road, Haishu Dist., Ningbo, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
    Tele: +86-574-87870223
    +86 13957865956
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    +86 18074244725

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