Best Activities in London
  • petechkaardashovpetechkaardashov May 2018
    London will be the cosmopolitan city "par excellence." A melting pot of top managers, working class people and cutting edge personalities, London is among the most fashionable and eclectic cities on earth. The British capital seduces having its glamour: as being a top "trend setter", it is usually a step beyond in satisfying different tastes and budding appetites.

    Culture and fashion mood animate the streets and also the clubs of the hectic, cultured intriguing city which can be capable of easily excite its visitors. World's First Stock exchange, London will be the bottom of the world's most crucial companies and leading city operational and finance. If however you have London for business, you should think about our "Top things to do in London":


    1. Holiday to the Westminster Abbey, symbol of London tradition, burial site coming from all British Monarchs and of one of the most distinguished English personalities

    2. Visit to the Tate Modern, centre of excellence for International Modern Art, with eclectic and cutting-edge exhibitions

    3. Brunch at Little Venice about the Regent's Canal bank, in Maida Vale, to enjoy the exclusive and relaxing atmosphere you could breathe one of many little white-plaster XVII century houses as well as the stores of Formosa Street and Clifton Gardens

    4. Appointment at Christie's International Auction House, just about the most famous auction houses in the world, to attempt the electrifying feeling of following a series of bids for pieces of art sold at record prices

    5. Lunch at Inamo, one of the most innovative restaurant of London, in Soho, where technology and design blend in a super high-tech atmosphere and the menu is displayed entirely on the table: the touch menu!

    6. Excursion for the Windsor Castle, in the Berkshire county, for an clues about the British Monarchy tradition and benefit from the good reputation for an ageless place.

    7. Tea time at Laduree, essentially the most exclusive tea shop in London's city heart, inside Harrods variety store, to taste the height period in the morning in the perfect French lifestyle

    8. A stroll in Bond Street and its neighborhood, the location where the most critical international stylists their very own shops, as well as a walk in Knightsbridge for a lot of luxury and fashion shopping.

    9. Needless to say, a visit to Mayfair and Belgravia should find its invest your agenda; fundamental essentials most luxurious residential areas of London, attended by loaded people.

    10. Through the weekends the night starts and don't appears to have a stop at the Cuckoo club, the most fashionable London's golf equipment, attended from the most trendy London personalities, and at the Jewel, in Covent Garden, luxurious and sumptuous club in the city heart of London, or in the well-known and memorable Fabric.

    For your accommodation needs, rather than hotel, envisage to rent an apartment in London. Have pleasure in luxury at a most fun cities in the world.

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