TOP10 Retro Nintendo Games Recommend
  • intact_88intact_88 May 2018
    For a long time, as one of the most influential companies in the game world, Nintendo’s every move has attracted the attention of the gaming. For example, Nintendo announced that it had officially entered the hand tour in the previous period. From the day of stepping into the game field, for decades, Nintendo has experienced success and failed. However, What remains most memory is the enduring game itself. Here I will recommend 10 retro game console for you

    retro Nintendo game Super Mario
    Anyone who mentioned Nintendo can’t avoid this name. Since the first version of the “super Mario brothers” was born on FC in 1985, Nintendo and Mario became an inseparable one, and Mario is always the most important retro Nintendo game on every generation of game consoles, and we couldn’t imagine what the Nintendo would be like without Mario. It is reported that Mario has achieved more than 100 pieces of related works and has accumulated more than five hundred million sets of sales. It is the world’s first game of Guinness world record certification.


    retro Nintendo game Donkey Kong
    In terms of seniority, Donkey Kong was still before Mario, and it should have been the number one star of retro Nintendo game. If Mario has achieved Nintendo’s hegemony, then Donkey Kong has saved Nintendo’s crisis. It was because that the new arcade game of Shigeru Miyamoto opened the American market in 1981, so Nintendo had enough faith to step up and develop in this field. Like many great works, the birth of Donkey Kong seemed to be full of chance. Nintendo originally wanted to make the game with the image of the mariner, but after the copyright was not settled, he had the original role. However, when the game came out, it was prosecuted by Universal Studios, and eventually Nintendo won the lawsuit. In a sense, this is as significant as the copyright they got from Tetris after a few years, which changed the history of the game industry.

    retro Nintendo game The Legend of Zelda
    Compared with Mario’s popularity, Zelda has gained more professional praise. Most works have become one of the highest standards of retro Nintendo games at that time. N64’s “Ocarina of Time” became the first full score works in the history of Fami, and “The Wind Waker” continues its high evaluation, however, the origin of all is in 1986, Nintendo launched the first game on the newly launched FC disk drive, which is the first generation of Zelda. From then on, let Nintendo have another brand with equal emphasis on art and commerce. One of the original features of the Zelda series is the addition of decryption elements on the basis of traditional action games. With the continuous evolution of the game function, “Ocarina of Time” was born not long in the 3D game, a large number design of game organ encryption and decryption was first introduced without any reference, which affected many later works.

    retro Nintendo game Metroid
    Gunpei Yokoi, another former Nintendo game ace producer, whose Metroid refer to Mario and Zelda at the beginning, but eventually absorbed the two elements and developed a category of “Metroidvania” exclusive game terms. On the basis of the traditional horizontal version action game, it adds the 2D sand table map, equipment, props and capability upgrade, and other RPG elements, which can be freely explored. After that, probably only a few games such as “Castlevania” can be compared with it. In 1986, the first birth of the Metroid, the female characters, especially those who play the leading role in the game are still rare. So we can imagine the moment that Samus Aran took off the cover could surprised the players who first met her.

    retro Nintendo game Fire Emblem
    This series of life has lasted for 25 years since 1990. Known as the first ancestor work of SRPG, and SRPG’s “Pyramid top work”, it is still a few old SRPG game works that exist in the Japanese industry and continue to be active. The new system is even more controversial in the same sex marriage, which shows its influence. Compared with Nintendo’s other brands, Fire Emblem is not outstanding in sales. But the value of this series of games can not be measured by simple numbers. Unique design and game culture, unique in many game

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