36 Major Industries Heavily Buying Blockchain
  • For 2018, the markets started out inside a mostly positive direction, and still have now started heading backwards. The Dow plunged over 665 points, posting the steepest weekly loss of over a couple of years. As mainstream markets decline, investors immediately start re-assessing their risk tolerance, and Crypto Currency (CC) investors are re-assessing risk a lot more, given each of the discussion about how volatile the forex market space might be. It isn't the standard mainstream economic drivers causing the CC plunge - it is fear, which can be wildly contagious across all investment categories. Finance industry is largely driven by human fear and greed, two emotions that create most investors being unsuccessful in the lon run. Cold hard analysis, as well as "smart" Buy/Sell strategies, removes emotion from a investment decisions and makes way to success. Strong bull markets must correct occasionally, to bring back balance and hang up the stage for the next increase.


    CC Exchanges can be significantly less nimble compared to mainstream stock trading game exchanges; however, there are numerous CC Exchanges that accommodate Purchase and sell LIMIT orders. Using those facilities in an "Entrance and Exit" strategy is highly recommended.

    What is the news within the CC markets throughout January was mainly centered on the declining prices of nearly all of the coins. CC price declines preceded the general stock trading game decline and so are reply to a growing number of national governments indicating that they want to either ban CC's, or enhance their ways to control and tax them. With all the fear which is now being generated from the mainstream stock markets, it is a perfect storm wherein CC investors have multiple sources generating fear.

    Welcome to the field of cryptos, which you could create a fortune in months, to see things crash even faster. Clearly, investing anything further than a smaller part of your portfolio in cryptos is often a risky proposition. However if you believe, even as we do, that this concepts behind Bitcoin and also other cryptos, specifically the blockchain distributed database - are sound, then it is sensible to buy cryptos, and also indirectly from the blockchain infrastructure that supports Crypto Currencies, a technology that is expanding into a number of other sectors.

    Today, you will find over 36 major industries heavily committing to advertise blockchain job technology to revolutionize their industry, by cutting or eliminating costs, and dramatically improving efficiency and transparency. We have been discussing a wide spectrum of industries including:

    -law enforcement
    -messaging apps and ride hailing
    -IoT (internet of things)
    -cloud storage
    -stock trading
    -global forecasting
    -supply chain management
    -gift cards and loyalty programs
    -government and public records
    -credit history
    wills and inheritances
    and several other industries
    We presume we have numerous years of incredible change before us before market finally settles over a standard. Yes, we will have many cryptos appear and vanish, but similar to Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook, you will see a number of giant winners.
    Keep tuned in!

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