Solar energy
  • aropnyaaropnya May 2018
    Solar thermal energy, it is the one that appears when the energy from the sun could be harnessed to heat some type of specific fluid, producing steam or electric energy later. To capture the sun's rays are used what are called solar collectors or collectors.
    Photovoltaic solar power, it is when electrical power is produced in the sun's rays. This is done using a photovoltaic cell in which the sun's rays are captured to transform them into a new energy.
    Beyond the fact of having the ability to obtain electricity or heat, in fact solar energy has become one of the renewable energies that is most utilized in the world, mainly for those its advantages and because it is a system that any individual could install in your own house.


    The fact of only believing that we can have electricity because of solar rays makes us undoubtedly face a really particular type of system that undoubtedly has lots of advantages. Some of the most notable are:

    Caring for the environment: perhaps this is actually the most important advantage and the reason why many people finally decide to change from the use of traditional electricity towards the use of alternative energy. And it is that the renewable energies of general form possess the particularity that they don't contaminate. This allows then that each time we are converting the power of the sun into electrical or thermal energy, we will be producing a type of energy that has a very low environmental impact. All this is due to the truth that for its production and transformation no fossil raw materials are used at any time that could make the famous combustion and with it the overall contamination.
    Inexhaustible energy: you can easily think that when creating use of solar power, we are facing a source of energy which is inexhaustible. The sun's rays comes out every single day, although it achieves this with more or less intensity with respect to the month of the year in which we're, that's why you do not have to worry about the quantity since it never ends. We have to also take into account at this point, that even cloudy days our bodies can capture the sun's rays to convert them into electricity or heat. Generally the hours of greatest residential san antonio intensity is from 11 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon, more than enough time any day to capture sunshine for conversion.

    Installation and maintenance simple, although the ideal should be to have the advice of expert technicians, there are some facilities that can be done by the user in your home. These are the so-called solar energy kit, which include all the elements and instructions prepared for installation.

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