Jiuan Zhicheng`s Newest Merchants WeChat Wi-Fi Router Helping Small Business Companies
  • abarshalinbabarshalinb May 2018
    JiuAnZhiCheng has released an excellent merchants Wechat WiFi to attract potential customers to join their companies or organizations very own official WeChat account. Its called WiFi Router.

    So How Does It Work? Firstly, people MUST synchronize merchants' router to match merchants' Official WeChat account, and then when anyone either scans the QRCode and enters the correct password, they will be provided with their very own free Wi-Fi access ! In turn, the company or organisation will get another follower on it’s official WeChat account. The benefits are 2 way ! The customer is provided with free Wi-Fi, and you’re provided with a follower that people can later provide with updates about merchants' business and services !


    Jiuan Zhicheng’sWeChat WiFi feature offers Wi-Fi solution plans to bricks-and-mortar stores, enabling merchants' consumers to enjoy free WiFi connection over WeChat public accounts when they enter the corresponding offline stores. But why is it beneficial to merchants except offering free WiFi? Here are 5 solid reasons to prove that WeChat WiFi is much more than free WiFi service:

    1. Increased exposure of merchants' Official Account
    When users connect WeChat WiFi successfully, they will dump to a page where there is a button shows “follow us” which enables them to connect merchants' WeChat official account in one click and also doesn’t hurt user experience.

    2. Show merchants' news or even website pages
    While users are surfing on the internet, the WiFi connection tab will be displayed at the top of homepage of WeChat. User can choose either open a web page or use the landing page template provided by WeChat. This template enabling users to browse the details of connected public accounts (a good place to add latest news here). Besides, this connection tab can also be linked to merchants' company website page / HTML5 campaign page by inserting URL.

    3. Analyze customer scenarios
    WeChat offers merchants various data in fields such as offline traffic (people connected WeChat WiFi); connection tab page daily visitors; followers recruited from WeChat WiFi channel.

    4. Offer coupons
    Users can integrate merchants' WeChat coupons into successfully connected page! First make sure User have created WeChat coupons in the backend.

    5. Push notification
    Before when WeChat Wifi users return to business, merchants can send them a text message or coupon over WeChat Official Account, but this feature is not shown in the backend anymore.We noticed a feature named as “notification management” in the backend once, but it disappeared later. From the screenshot below, we guess this feature is in test and WeChat will soon enable merchants to push text message/coupons to consumers when they enter/return to offline stores and connect WeChat WiFi.

    Clearly we can see that Jiuan Zhicheng’s WeChat Wifi is not only a service which will improve merchants' consumers’ experience in stores but also a great marketing tool to recruit followers, collect users’ data, distribute coupons / campaigns and push notifications! Know more at www.jazctech.com

    Media contact
    Company: JiuAn ZhiCheng Technology Company
    City, State, Country: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
    Add: 302#, Xue Gang Bei Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen
    Email: feishuhua@jazctech.com
    Tel: +86-13924634339
    Website: www.jazctech.com

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