Fine Managing What You Curently have
  • havoc1982havoc1982 May 2018
    Living well encompasses countless aspects- a lot more than the setting we designers create, over the points we surround our clients with, its more far-reaching than that. Yes, Residential Design is often a key element of just living well- nevertheless its not everything. Living well is a daily act. Its a conscious decision is the best you can be and live the very best it is possible to every day. Living well is maximizing everything you have and pursuing better when you are able. Its using anything you have and whatever you have reached the best level.

    I became recently on-page with clients that are on the tail end of a full kitchen remodel. Anyone who has ever lived through a remodel can verify the possible risks with a remodel situation. Although project is nearing completion, there is much to be done. There's still plastic on the ground in surrounding rooms, crown moulding being installed, painting to occur along with the finishing touches for example knobs and pulls to grace the attractive new cabinetry.


    Because it was an earlier evening appointment, my clients offered me a light meal of sandwiches. The best is peanut butter and jelly (but they laughed to listen for my humble request, they agreed which a classic PB&J is, the truth is, a fantastic sandwich!). So, amid remodel chaos, inside the family room while dining which are with the food prep, we ate sandwiches. The most popular part, in addition to their gracious hospitality, was the reality that they put the condiments in cut crystal dishes. I will honestly state that I have never put peanut butter or jelly in to a crystal serving dish. This is the new high in everyday luxury lifestyle. The truth is, its a new full of living well under distress (remodels have already been identified as torturous), and i also loved it! These folks "get" it!

    Accusation in court an example of just living well. Here are a couple approaches to live well on a daily basis with means you currently have:

    -Utilize fabulous lighting nightly. Don't just reserve it for company! Lighting creates warmth, ambiance and lends comfort- put it to use! Place your ambient lighting with a dimmer switch if its not already, then adjust the lighting levels in accordance with activity. Its amazing what relaxed you may be once the lighting is dim and incredibly warm. You may enjoy your home more when its "glowing" correctly.

    -Set your dining room table as you would for company. Make use of your linens and candlesticks. It will require just about two more minutes to create these things out as well as more to interrupt it down after dinner. Don't save this stuff for special occasions- each day ought to be an occasion.

    -As mentioned, use your china and crystal! For morning cereal, for coffee, for that bottle of Two Buck Chuck from Trader Joe's...for pizza! Embrace it. Love it.

    -Display fresh flowers in the gorgeous vase (or recycle a San Pellegrino bottle for an off-the-cuff kitchen bud vase). There's about real flowers, apart from the fragrance, that truly perks up a place and causes a smile in passing. Fresh flowers trump artificial, hands down.

    -Burn your candles. Enter the ritual of lighting them upon arrival home. The scent and heat really have you feeling cozy, and candlelight adds that extra sparkle to some lighting scheme. I have a handful of scents I burn all year round, changing the scents with the seasons. Further distinguish your home having a hallmark of warmth and subtle fragrance.

    -Keep an organized and clean house. Considering clutter and making huge messes on account of the inability to find something doesn't bode well to get a gracious home or lifestyle. Take a weekend to overhaul your closets, cupboards, cabinets and the ones black holes we all manage to contribute to on a regular basis (my personal vice is mail, I will let it pile up for weeks!). Then, just stay with daily maintenance of putting things back, filing documents, etc. You will end up surprised about just how much better you're feeling about in your property.

    -Be consciously grateful and appreciative of that which you have. At some point, whatever you have (and whatever you have kept, if it was a gift)

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