Family Holidays in Sri Lanka
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    The best way to take advantage of the finest family holidays in Sri Lanka is actually combining a stop at a very simple yet very comfortable guest house supplying a lot of interesting activities, which has a tea experience as well as wildlife viewing at Yala, and finally ending at the gorgeous beach across the southern coast.

    Many wonderful guest houses can be found, often owner managed nature retreats set along small reservoirs. Offering tastefully decorated rooms, they're a great place for families nevertheless there is something for everybody. Parents can take part within a yoga lesson while the children can embark upon nature trails, cycle within the estate, or kayak on the reservoir. Cuisine is local and mouthwatering, plus it indeed makes you believe that you're with a home away from home.


    Continue down south on the spectacular tea country. The Ceylon Tea Trails could well be essentially the most entrancing place I've ever stayed. A collection of colonial-style bungalows built for British tea estate managers mothers and fathers from the Raj enjoy spectacular views overlooking the rolling green of Sri Lanka's hill country. It's an incredible journey - particularly for families - when you board the existing steam train at Kandy for your delightful journey to Hatton. Take pleasure in the best holidays for families in Sri Lanka by subtracting this thrilling ride through the undulating hills prior to being greeted because of your cheerful driver in which it's going to be a shorter drive for your stunning planter's bungalow.

    Days may be spent walking from one bungalow to a different, or with a best tourguides in Sri Lanka of just one of the factories nestling each side from the valley accompanied by a tea tasting. For that more adventurous, rafting on the nearby river can even be arranged. The bungalows come with staff as well as the food fix are exceptional. Enjoy the most effective high teas around while the children do justice towards the gorgeous pool surrounded by lush green gardens.

    Travel further south for the Yala National Park, which you could camp at the pristine forest. The camp create by one of the finest mobile camping companies would offer a tent using a double bed and en suite facilities. A delicious lunch will be arranged either from the river offering a lot of bird watching opportunities, or perhaps a candlelit dinner under a humungous banyan tree whilst the children benefit from the numerous stars glittering.

    Yala National Park is generally open parkland, making the wildlife simpler to see, specially in the December-March dry season. Yala West is among the few places in Sri Lanka where it is relatively easy to find out a leopard, either strolling beside the track or, with luck, draped elegantly inside a tree. There are estimated to be with 35 leopards and 400 wild elephants, along with wild buffalo, musk deer, mongoose, pangolins, sloth bears, macaques, jackals, and diverse types of bird.

    From a little adventure at Yala, drive over the southern coastline to find a lovely beach villa. There are many dotted throughout the coast between Tangalle and Bentota. These luxury villas offer spacious bedrooms with seaside gardens. Several give a few unique and exclusive palacial suites designed on Indo - Colonial lines. A few of these properties boast a vast sandy beachfront, huge lily ponds, plus a fabulous spa. It can be intimate, beautiful, along with a easy way to end wonderful holidays for families in Sri Lanka.

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