Two More Why you should Think about Temporary Missions Trip
  • bekashev_abekashev_a May 2018
    Inside my last blog I discussed that temporary mission trips really are a catalyst forever change, a sure-fire strategy to build teamwork, and is real eye openers. Below I wish to give a number of more crucial reasons behind short-term mission trips...

    A missions trip blesses the receiving culture. The whole function of missions as well as the whole purpose temporary missions trip,short-term mission tripsof God about this earth are located in the covenant He made with Abraham, the father in our faith. Find this covenant in Genesis 12: 1-3: GOD told Abram:


    "Leave your country, your family, as well as your father's home for any land i will highlight. I'll cause you to be an excellent nation and bless you. I'll allow you to famous; you will end up a blessing. I'll bless people who thanks a lot; those that curse you I'll curse. All of the categories of planet earth will probably be blessed due to you."

    We have seen some interesting elements in this passage that find fruition in the short term mission trip.

    "Leave your country, your family, along with your father's home for a land i will show you."

    First, we leave our culture and start a quick term mission vacation to a land God shows us. Exactly what a dynamic! We only finish off and make the trip and the man operates as our tour guide! Youth mission trips are a golden opportunity to see God work!

    "I'll cause you to an excellent nation and thank you. I'll make you famous"

    Did it ever happen to us that by investing time and cash to travel and bless people in another culture, we have been bringing greatness to nation in God's eyes, and we are also bringing to ourselves godly renown in the eyes of those who receive us?

    "you'll be described as a blessing. I'll bless people that thanks a lot; people that curse you I'll curse"

    That is missions in summary: to become a blessing. Youth mission trips are blessings moving. But maybe God is using our temporary mission trip with techniques that provide His sovereign purposes at the same time. He would like to supply the people we minister to the chance to be part of the grace of being a blessing, and convey these phones the crossroads of either receiving or rejecting the gospel of grace. Either way, God is glorified. No culture, having experienced yet rejected the sweet gesture of folks coming on a short term mission vacation to love and serve them, can stand before God and accuse Him of not loving them.

    A shorter term missions trip glorifies God. God receives glory if the nations arrived at know him and worship at His throne. God is glorified when teenagers mobilize with a youth mission trips!

    "All the families of our planet will likely be blessed through you." This can be the culmination, the apex of mission enterprise. And also by doing a short term mission trip, we have becoming a part God's awesome plan!

    It really is summed up in Revelation 7:9

    "I looked again. I saw a huge crowd, too huge to count. Everybody was there-all nations and tribes, all races and languages. And they also were standing, wearing white robes and waving palm branches, standing before the Throne and the Lamb and heartily singing: Salvation to the God on his Throne! Salvation for the Lamb!

    Short-run mission trips bring glory to God and they're a lot of fun. Leading youth mission trips, while taxing sometimes, whilst! To quote NIKE: function it!

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