cheap Linking Machinery
  • momu175momu175 June 2018
    Weiying Knitting Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the best linking machinery manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale cheap linking machinery from our factory.
    WY-08 Streamlined machine
    WY-08 Streamlined machine  introduced and learned all kinds of advantages from Italy、Korea and so on.Anyway combining the national socks current situation,and though exploring and improving to design and produce by ourselves.And our reliability can be matched by the imported equipment.Nowdays our socks sewing machine is the best select in the socks equipment industry.
    1、Chinese-English computer display screen, and the machine can keep the memory of patterns.
    2、Equipped with counting output function,and the speed of looping socks is adjustable.
    3、Closed high-speed head,and low noise; automatic cutting,the single sock fall off automatically ;reached the requirement of EU(European Union) and Janpan.
    4、Balanced transfers with high and stable speed.
    5、The conveyor device can be reversed 180 and easy to thread and clear the yarn.
    6、Equipped with two times cutter device. The head can be rised and droped automatically ,the effect looks like hand-looped socks.
    7、With elegant design,and easier to clean.
    8、Enquipped with imported main materials to prolong service life.
    Main technical indicators:
    Production capactity:450~500 pairs/hour
    Application:80~240 needles
    Power:Main server:200W/48V 
    Outside size:83*40*120CMcheap Linking Machinery

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